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Aug.2014, awarded as Green PCB manufacturer by Shenzhen Printed Circuits Association
Jul.2014, awarded as Technology Center of Shenzhen Enterprises by Shenzhen municipal government
Jul.2014, S&L public Wechat account is activated to push the instant news in S&L and other industries to customers.
Apr.2014, two brand new imported Mitsubishi laser drilling machines were installed and ready for mass production. S&L has 4 imported laser drilling machines in operation by that stage.
Jan.2014, S&L’s grand celebration for the successful year of 2013.
Dec.2103, S&L Ganzhou factory passed ISO/TS16949 qualification.
Oct.2013, cooperate outdoor survival training was launched.
Sep.2013, Lean Production was launched.
May.2013, the grand ceremony of mass production was held in S&L Ganzhou factory.
May.2013, S&L passed ISO13485 qualification
Mar.2013, awarded as the Model Company of Safe Production.
Jul.2012, super durable aluminum based PCB (4400V AC) passed the achievement appraisal.
May.2012, top management conference was help at Shenzhen to plan the yearly corporate strategy.
Mar.2012, corporate stake holders’ meeting was held.
Oct.2011, anti-corruption meeting was held.
Aug.2011, awarded as the member of the 2nd councils of Shenzhen Industry Federation.
Jun.2011, centralized cost control organization was founded.
May.2011, the Cornerstone Laying Ceremony was held in S&L Ganzhou factory.
Apr.2011, awarded as the Well-known Brand in Shenzhen City.
Mar.2011, corporate briefing conference was help and decided to name the year as “year of quality in S&L”
Dec.2011, S&L’s internal journal – Home was released.
Sep.2010, awarded as the National Hi-tech Enterprise.
Jun.2013, S&L Ganzhou was registered
Jun.2010, S&L’s corporate library was open.
Apr.2010, passed GJB qualification.
Apr.2010, awarded as the member of CPCA.
Apr.2010, corporate ERP system was officially released
Mar.2010, the trade mark of SL was approved by the State Ministry of Trademark
Jan.2010, the opening ceremony of the joint educational corporation between S&L and the North West University was held.
Dec.2009, passed OHSAS18001 qualification
Aug.2009, awarded as the member of SPCA.
May.2009, awarded as the Clean Production Enterprise.
Dec.2008, awarded as the leading enterprise of Waste Reduction Enterprise in Shenzhen.
Jun.2008, awarded as the member of Shenzhen Credit Association.
Feb.2008, ten of UL series certificates have been qualified.
Dec.2007, water re-cycling system was launched
Aug.2007, awarded as the hi-tech enterprise of Shenzhen City
Dec.2006, passed ISO14000:2004 and ISO/9000、ISO/TS16949:2002 qualification
May.2006, Shenzhen S&L Circuits Co., Ltd was founded
Awarded as the model enterprise of Safe Production.
Dec.2005, passed ISO/TS16949:2000 qualification
Nov.2005, UL certificate for multi-layer PCB was qualified.
Dec.2003, passed UL(SL-1\SL-2) qualification
Dec.2002, passed ISO9000/2000 qualification
Aug.2002, Shenzhen S&L Circuits Electronics Co., Ltd was founded.