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World class raw material,the start of high quality.

Laminate:EMC, ITEQ, SYL, Isola, Rogers,Arlon,Nelco, Taconic, Hitachi, etc.

Chemical Solvent : Rohm&Haas (US) Atotech (Germany) Umicore (Germany)

Solder Mask:Taiyo (Japan)

Dry Film : Asahi (Japan), Dupont (US)

Full range of in house surface treatment lines matching up with different industries.

S&L is one of the fewer PCB manufacturers that has full range of in house surface treatment lines for ENIG

immersion silver,immersion tin,OSP,HASL, electrical gold plating,electrical hard gold plating, electrical tin plating, electrical silver plating.

Leading technical capability

Maximum Layer Count: 32L

Maximum Board Thickness: 7.0mm

Maximum Aspect Ratio: 12:1

Maximum Copper Thickness: 6OZ

Maximum Working-Panel Size: 2000x610mm

Min. 4L Board Thickness: 0.38mm

Mechanical Hole / Land: 0.20/0.40mm

Hole to Copper Registration Accuracy: +/-0.05mm

Hole Size Tolerance of PTH: +/-0.05mm

Minimum Line Width/Space: 0.065/0.065mm

Strict quality control system, stabilize high quality performance

IPC standard implemented to ensure 100% FQC pass rate

PDCA cycle methodology in place for continuous improvement

Advanced Ion Chromatograph System (DIONEX ICS-900)and temperature cycle tester guarantee outstanding reliability and stability.

Outstanding technical team

Engaging in PCB R&D and manufacturing for 13 years, helping customer to optimize PCB design

We have 400 engineers who are experienced in PCB industry over 9 years and familiar with industry standards.

The seven international certification system, industry leading customer choice

ISO13485 GJB TS16949 OHSAS18001 TS16949 ISO14001 UL seven international certification seven

The national high-tech enterprise, advanced enterprise in the PCB industry green environmental protection enterprise technology center in Shenzhen 19 enterprises honor

With 3 national invention patents, 68 utility model patents, R & D and production technology innovation


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