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[Industry Briefing]Eleven long delivery starting PCB casing heat until the end of the year[ 09-22-2014 16:59 ]
Eleven long holiday is the most important, the shopping season, during this period, the proportion accounted for annual sales of about 20% to 25%, sales boom this year will continue from 9 months all the way to the early October, laptop brand industry inventory level for to play a key role, and then drive the upstream PCB manufacturers, the casing and the generation of industry sales growth.
[Industry Briefing]Global electronic business information the latest intelligence PCB manufacturer focus on industry tr[ 09-03-2014 09:36 ]
What is the latest news about the global electronic giants that PCB manufacturers eyes on? What is the future of PCB industry? The following news bring you the latest insider's information.
[Industry Briefing]Industry dynamic global electronic business the latest intelligence PCB manufacturers attention[ 09-22-2014 19:47 ]
In the past week, what is the latest in a circuit board manufacturers are concerned about the global electronic giants? What is the future development of PCB industry leader? The following information may bring you the latest industry information.